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SpringCharts Analytics for PQRS Reports

SpringCharts Analytics for PQRS Reports is an easy-to-use data analytics tool that is used by practices to measure, report and submit on measures required by the Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS). PQRS is a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) program that pertains to practices that see Medicare patients and includes incentives (currently) and penalties (in the future) for compliance.

SpringCharts Analytics for PQRS is deployed as a plug-and-play system that runs in the cloud as a SaaS model. It automates the PQRS reporting process by extracting and analyzing data from SpringCharts EHR on a daily basis. Through an online dashboard, providers can access reports which provide details on their compliance with PQRS metrics, enabling proactive action to ensure that the practice is in-line with requirements.

Relevant PQRS reports will then be submitted to CMS on the appropriate schedule via CMS certified EHR Data Submission Vendor (DSV).