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DrFirst pioneers software solutions and services designed to optimize healthcare provider access to patient information, improve the doctors clinical view of the patient at the time of care, and enable more effective, efficient administration and collaboration across a patients circle of caregivers. Its products and services include E-—prescribing, Secure Messaging and Clinical Data Sharing, and Patient Behavioral Education and Medication Adherence.. For more information, visit

Clinigence LLC, in Atlanta, GA, is a health information technology company that develops, publishes and delivers collaborative software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help healthcare providers derive business value from clinical data and quality patient care. The Clinigence solution is tailored to the emerging needs of healthcare providers due to the shift of the US healthcare system from volume- to value-based purchasing and the growing demand for quality patient care. For more information, visit:

Total MD
TotalMD provides a complete practice management system that tightly integrates with SpringCharts EMR and brings years of experience in delivering high-quality PM software. SpringCharts PM powered by TotalMD features intuitive, easy-to-use screens that look and feel similar to Windows as well as world-class features at an affordable price. These features and functions include online eligibility, electronic remittance advice, report writing tools, an amazingly powerful ledger, advanced scheduling and more.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the world′s largest technology companies and is a major computer supplier to medical practices. It is also a leader in the Tablet PC market and its T1100 Tablet is the platform of choice for many SpringCharts practices. HP has partnered with Spring Medical on a number of joint marketing projects including case studies.

Apple computer is renowned for its innovative and easy—to—use computer products. The company is placing a new emphasis on providing technology to physicians, including desktops and notebooks running the Mac OS X operating system. Apple is a Spring Medical marketing partner.