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Practice Management

SpringCharts PM allows healthcare professionals to easily manage their entire practice including patient registration, scheduling, claims, billing and reports. When tightly integrated with SpringCharts EHR, these two components together enable medical practices to automate their entire workflow.

PM Brochure              SpringCharts PM system requirments

Easy access to ledger / transaction information

Apply patient payments, insurance payments and adjustments as well as view your financial entries directly below their corresponding procedures. In addition, view the copay amount, applied deductible, patient balance, patient remainder balance and individual procedure remainder balances - all from the same screen.

Get paid faster with e-claims

View your interactive claim form, add any necessary notes and changes, then use the direct claims module or use a clearing- house to electronically send your insur ance claims. With the visual claim editor and e-claim features, modifying and send ing claims has never been so easy.

Automatic insurance payment posting with ERA

Automatically and quickly post insurance payments using the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) automatic posting feature. With the simple click of a button, this will post insurance payments to their corresponding procedure/charges.

Integrate with Encoder Pro®

Find the right CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS code with a completely integrated copy of Encoder Pro®. Ingenix′s® popular Encoder Pro® delivers quick search results, code detail and lay descriptions for thousands of procedures.

Personalize the appointment scheduler

Print superbills, patient chart labels and appointment lists from the scheduler. Move multiple appointments from one day to another as well as modify the appointments to display the patient′s age, insurance name, phone number or other information. Now, all you need to do is glance at the computer screen to see everything you need to know for your next appointment.

Access your information with the report writer

Use the advanced SpringCharts PM report writer to obtain any and all information you would ever want or need in order to make your practice run smoothly. Customize any existing SpringCharts PM report, statement, letter, list or claim. Or create your own custom reports to fit your practices unique needs. You no longer need to be frustrated by not being able to obtain specific information from your software.

Review cash flow with the revenue calendar

View your revenue figures on the monthly calendar. Quickly determine the dollar amount of the procedures that you′ve posted to the ledger,and, best of all, display how much money you′ve actually collected. SpringCharts PM also gives you the ability to display this information by provider, making it easy to keep tabs on your associates and other providers.

Easy EOB check entry

Quickly and easily post EOB insurance payments as well as add allowed amounts on the fly. Your entered allowed amounts are permanently stored in your insurance plan′s record and automatically used to calculate write-offs each time you apply a payment to your procedure. In addition, mark any unpaid procedure for future follow up.